12022 – GTx-AR

Surgeons, scientists and engineers at the Princess Margaret have developed an augmented reality (AR) system which allows the clinician and surgeon to simultaneously see the “real” surgical bed with a “virtual reality” 3D–image of underlying tissue structures. In contrast to bulky stationary or wearable devices and other AR devices which lack depth information, this system is small and mobile, making it more applicable to surgical theatre use. The system is integrated with a heads-up surgical dashboard (“GTx-Eyes”) which enables real-time optical tracking. The GTx-oscope allows the projection of diagnostic medical images (e.g., CT, MRI, CBCT, PET, SPECT) and surgical planning contours (e.g., tumor, critical structures) on the patient’s surface anatomy. The projection can be either direct (on body surface), or indirect with the use of a semi-transparent display screen. Noah Schwartz Noah.Schwartz@uhnresearch.ca 416-917-7649

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