2001-032 – Fourier Moire Wavefront Sensor

Background Moiré deflectometry is used to perform the wavefront correction that is commonly required for many analytical laser measurements, such as adaptive optics to compensate for atmospheric turbulence or density variation, three-dimensional moiré shadow tomography for stress/strain analysis and high-resolution position sensing, non-invasive small tissue imaging, and time-resolved experiments using ultrashort pulses. Typical analyses of moiré deflectograms include fringe-determination, computer Fourier transformations and phase-shifting techniques, requiring multiple shots in order to get high resolution. Technology Description The present invention uses the Fourier transforming properties of a lens to optically compute the wavefront curvature of incident light, so computation takes place as fast and simply as possible, with greatly increased dynamic range and resolution. When wavefront aberrations induce changes in the moir deflectogram, they also change the deflectogram frequency information in a characteristic way at the Fourier plane. The broadening of particular frequency components is such that the angle of the fringes in the deflectogram is encoded as intensity information by the filter, downstream, in the image plane. Hence, wavefront curvature is encoded directly as intensity information. This image plane is then imaged in a single shot onto a detector array which can be directly connected with conventional electronics to an analog interpreter, and then to adaptive optic elements. Andrew Roerick aroerick@innovations.unm.edu 505-277-0608

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