2001-054 – Quantum Dot Lasers

Background Quantum dot lasersare of interest for a variety of applications. Theoretical studies indicatethat quantum dot laser have many potential performance advantages overconventional quantum well lasers.A general problemwith self-assembled quantum dot fabrication processes is that heretofore thegrowth processes have not been understood well enough to adjust quantum dotparameters that determine the optical gain characteristics. Consequently,the optical gain spectrum of self-assembled quantum dot lasers may lacksufficient saturated modal gain at a desired wavelength, have a larger thandesired separation between the ground state and excited state transitionenergies, or have either too little or too much inhomogeneous broadening. Technology Description A quantum dot active region is disclosed in which quantum dot layers are formed using a self-assembled growth technique. In one embodiment, growth parameters are selected to control the dot density and dot size distribution to achieve desired optical gain spectrum characteristics. In one embodiment, the distribution in dot size and the sequence of optical transition energy values associated with the quantum confined states of the dots are selected to facilitate forming a continuous optical gain spectrum over an extended wavelength range. In another embodiment, the optical gain is selected to increase the saturated ground state gain for wavelengths of 1260 nm and greater. In other embodiments, the quantum dots are used as the active region in laser devices, including tunable lasers and monolithic multi-wavelength laser arrays. Andrew Roerick aroerick@innovations.unm.edu 505-277-0608

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