2009-059 – EIO-LCA Data and Model

Non-commercial web + data access license: This license allows a user access to the 2002 EIO-LCA web model and to obtain a royalty-free seat license for the, underlying data and workfiles used to create the 2002 EIO-LCA web model in spreadsheet and/or Matlab form, for internal research and educational purposes. This license also allows that individual to provide access to the 2002 EIO-LCA web model and the underlying data and workfiles to his/her students if he or she is an educator. This license does not allow the individual to use the 2002 EIO-LCA web model, or data and workfiles, or to make any derivatives thereof, to support the provision of consulting services, sponsored research or to communicate the underlying data and workfiles outside of your organization other than in academic publications. To access the EIO-LCA data and model, click on Download below by the EIO-LCA license. On the next page, click the License link just above the No/Yes buttons to read and review the license. After reviewing the license, click the button to indicate your agreement with the license. On the following page, provide your contact information. After we receive confirmation of your acceptance of the license and your contact information, we will provide you with access to the data and model. CMU CTTEC CTTEC-Flintbox@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-7393

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