2010-105 – GenAMap – An integrated analytic and visualuzation software platform for structured GWA and eQTL analysis

GenAMap brings the power of structured association mapping to a usable, intuitive interface. GenAMap makes GWAS and eQTL studies easier on three fronts: 1) Data management – create subsets, manage, and visualize genomic and phenotype data. 2) Algorithms – run algorithms to generate structure such as a gene network or a population stratification. Or, run a structured association algorithm. All algorithms are run on a remote cluster complete with complex parallelization schemes to provide max run-time efficiency. 3) Visualizations – tools to visualize the structure of the data while still looking at associations are the highlighted feature of this application. We provide tools to get a feel of the overall associations in the dataset, along with the ability to zoom in and explore specific parts of the data. Tools are interactive, linking to databases online for more information. Cindy Lou Chepanoske cchepano@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-2979

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