2014-116 Method for reducing image distortion in Echo Planar MRI

Echo planar imaging (EPI) is a widely used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), spanning from functional neuro-imaging to diffusion and perfusion imaging. An obstinate problem of EPI, however, is the image distortion. To mediate the issue with image distortion, EPI is typically limited to low spatial resolution. Dr. Zhou and Sui have developed a high-resolution imaging technique comprising divide the full field-of-view (FOV) for an imaged object into multiple segments, acquire a sub-image from each sub-divided segment of the FOV with reduce image distortion, compute a mathematical function which defines the relationship between the full FOV image and the sub-images with reduced FOV, and combine the plural of sub-images, each with a reduced FOV, improved spatial resolution. Mark Krivchenia krivchen@otm.uic.edu (312) 996-6626

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