2014-141 – Physical Motion Widgets

Physical Motion Widgets are novel software components that modularize the analysis of human body movements. They save developers time by transforming the low-level sensor data into high-level information for use by the application. For example, a knee motion widget can transform low-level accelerometer/gyroscope data to high-level information and events such as “knee has flexed 45 degrees, at a velocity of 20 degrees per second”. Developers can use this high-level information in their motion analysis applications, such as Virtual Coaches for supporting physical therapy exercises at home.Physical Motion Widgets borrow from the Graphical User interface Widgets (GUI widget) metaphor. GUI widgets modularize the analysis of low-level mouse/keyboard inputs and transform them into events and other high-level information for GUI application developers. GUI widget libraries are now ubiquitous for GUI application development. Physical Motion Widgets are in the implementation and initial experimentation phase. Cindy Lou Chepanoske cchepano@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-2979

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