2014-184 – Photo editing using 3D Models- New Data

A method was developed that allows users to perform 3D edits to their photographs using publicly available 3D object models. To allow 3D edits, photo-editing method and systems need to be able to “hallucinate” the geometry, appearance, and effects of illumination when the edits reveal unseen parts of objects. The method and system described herein is an approach that constrains this hallucination by coupling the 2D projection of the object in the photograph with a 3D model taken from a public repository. The process is guided using smoothness and symmetry constraints over the 3D model. The resulting method and system allows edits that would be impossible in traditional 2D photo-editing programs, such as turning a car over, or turning a hat over. Several examples herein demonstrate typical photo-editing tasks, re-imagined in 3D using this method, and these edits for a variety of photographs were performed. Scott McEvoy smcevoy@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-6053

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