2014-214 – Analyzing Mobile Apps Using computation and Crowdsourcing

The present technology, Gort, enables more efficient app analysis, by reducing the burden of instrumenting apps, making it easier to find potential privacy and security problems, and presenting sensitive behavior in context. Gort interacts with apps while instrumenting them to detect sensitive information transmissions. It then presents this information along with the associated app context to a crowd of users to obtain their expectations and comfort regarding the privacy implications of using the app. Gort also runs a set of heuristics on the app to flag potential privacy problems. Finally, Gort synthesizes the information obtained through its analysis and presents it in an interactive GUI, built specifically for privacy analysts, IT professionals, and developers.Gort offers three distinct advances over the state of the art. First, Gort uses a set of heuristics, instead of an overwhelming amount of information, to identify potential app privacy problems. Second, Gort automatically interacts with apps, eliminating the need for analysts to manually interact with apps or to script interactions. Third, Gort uses crowdsourcing to determine whether app privacy leaks are legitimate and desirable and raises red flags about potentially suspicious app behavior. Cindy Lou Chepanoske cchepano@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-2979

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