2014-227 – ROSImageTransport

The ROSimageTransport package provides an image pipeline for streaming compressed video. It greatly reduces the latency over the standard ROS image pipeline for color space conversion, compression, decimation, cropping and throttling. It also contains an improved theora compression plugin.Improved theora compression plugin for ROS . Added support for both YUV422 and YUV444 image encoding formats . Supports dynamically changing image resolutions . Supports dynamically changing compression quality and keyframe rate. Added functionality to force keyframes. Dedicated data channel for theora “header” packets to provide more robust streaming on lossy networksImage stream control process . Support for both YUV422 and YUV444 image encoding formats . Stopping, resuming and throttling image/video stream . Supports image decimation to an arbitrary image resolution . Added functionality to bypass theora compression and send a high resolution (using JPEG compression) image of a user defined Region of Interest Meghan Hayes meghanh@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-1241

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