2015-025 – Preparation and Structure of α-amylase-degraded Octenylsuccinic Waxy Maize Starches with Different Substitution Patterns

Starch is one of the most important biopolymers given its natural biodegradability, abundance andrenewal annually. However, they have been limited in their use in food systems due to restrictiveproperties, like instability and retrogradation. Starch can be chemically modified into a more usualform using octenylsuccinic anhydride (OSA). OSA starch has broad applications in food industry as anemulsion stabilizer. OSA starches are conventionally derived from granular starch in an aqueous slurryreaction system. Researchers at Kansas State University have developed novel approaches to prepare OSA starches withdifferent substitution distributions as a means to improve the emulsification properties of OSA starch.The first approach had localized OSA distribution near the branching points at low degrees ofsubstitution and near branching points as well as non-reducing ends at high degree of substitution. Thesecond approach had OSA groups distributed randomly through the starch chains, and OSAsubstitutions were found close to branching points as well as the non-reducing ends at both low andhigh degrees of substitution. Sarah Nolting snolting@ksu.edu 785-532-3910

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