2015-033 – System for Delivering MRI-guided Hyperthermia to Small Animals Using Microwave Antenna

Researchers at Kansas State University have developed a system for delivering hyperthermia to small-animal targets under ultra-high field MRI guidance. The system comprises of a specially-designed directional microwave antenna that is integrated within the bore of the MRI scanner. Microwave power is supplied to the device, and the antenna is positioned adjacent to the target for delivering hyperthermia. The applicator is fabricated from MRI-compatible materials to prevent imaging artifacts, and inline electrical filters are installed to prevent electrical interferences between the MRI scanner and the antenna. In addition, real-time MR thermometry and other imaging sequences can then be used to control the delivery of electromagnetic energy to yield a desired therapeutic effect. Aarushi Gupta-Sheth aarushi@ksu.edu 785-532-3907

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