2016-140 – Open Chisel Truncated Signed Distance Field Library

This invention is an open-source implementation of the Chisel truncated signed distance field mapping system, described in the paper “CHISEL: Large Scale, Real Time 3D Reconstruction onboard a Mobile Device” which debuted in RSS 2015.The primary purpose of this invention is to demonstrate the algorithm described in that paper and integrate it with existing robot hardware. That said, it is research code and has not been widely deployed.Briefly, it is a 3D mapping system that is more memory-efficient than other state-of-the-art 3D mapping systems, allowing a map of a whole house to fit into ~100 MB (wheras other systems produce maps that are gigabytes in size). This kind of system has been demonstrated before, but unlike those systems, Chisel does not require GPU computing or Windows to run.This invention ONLY refers to the ‘specific’ open-source implementation of the published paper, and not to any other proprietary work similar to or based off of the RSS paper (such as the Google Tango house mapping system, which is also based off the paper).source link: http://www.github.com/personalrobotics/OpenChisel Scott McEvoy smcevoy@andrew.cmu.edu 412-268-6053

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