X-Ray-Triggered Release of Drugs from Nanoscale Drug Carriers

Small molecule chemotherapeutics have been employed in cancer therapy.  However, their effectiveness is often hampered by systemic toxicity.  Although prodrugs have decreased systemic toxicity, they have met with limited success.  External triggering by microwaves, ultrasound, light, and magnetic fields, as well as natural triggering have been explored as a mechanism of drug molecule release, but […]

Wide-Range Infra-Red and Ultraviolet Reflective Films and Coating

IR and UV reflective polymer films or coatings have been deposited on windows to prevent IR and UV penetration inside the house. This decreases the energy consumption for cooling the house and prevents UV discoloration damage to the carpets and appliances inside. The conventional method for this window treatment is expensive because of the cost […]

Vitamin D Analog “Me-Cvit” Potentially Useful to Inhibit Hypercalcemia, Treat Cancer

Therapeutics & Vaccines Vitamin D Analog “Me-Cvit” Potentially Useful to Inhibit Hypercalcemia, Treat Cancer View U.S. Patent No. 8,178,517 in PDF format. WARF: P100082US02 Inventors: Hector DeLuca, Katarzyna Sokolowska, Margaret Clagett-Dame, Lori Plum, Antonio Mouriño Mosquera, Rafal Sicinski The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners interested in developing a vitamin D analog […]

Various PMST1 Mutants and the Synthesis of a Library of Sialyl Lewis X Containing Different Sialic Acid Forms

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a new method of obtaining a library of sialyl Lewis x and other sialosides containing different sialic acid forms. This method utilizes engineered mutants of sialyltransferase PmST1. These novel mutants show lower donor hydrolysis activity and/or sialidase activity without compromising the sialyltransferase activity. Maris Apse mpapse@ucdavis.edu […]

Universal Signal-to-Noise Ratio Enhancement Using PICCS Image Reconstruction

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is utilized in medical imaging as a quantitative measure of image quality. As SNR decreases, it becomes increasingly more difficult to differentiate between important anatomical features and clinical findings. Therefore, it is desirable to provide a relatively high SNR, but all known SNR enhancement methods sacrifice spatial resolution of the image. In […]

Ultra-High Frame Rate, Time-Resolved, 4-D MRA

Since the introduction of angiography, there have been many attempts to develop techniques that provide diagnostic images of the vasculature while reducing invasiveness. A technique called 4-D DSA (digital subtraction angiography) has been developed for generating detailed series of time-resolved, 3-D medical images of a subject with both high temporal resolution and excellent spatial resolution. […]

Ultra Light Amphiphilic and Resilient Nanocellulose Aerogels and Foams

Aerogels are ultra-light porous materials that are uniquely desirable for a wide variety of applications including insulation, packaging, filtration, ion diffusion and drug delivery. However, commonly used processes such as supercritical drying of silica aerogels, or freezing and freeze-drying of natural and synthetic polymer-based aerogels consume immense energy. Researchers at the University of California, Davis […]

Tungstate Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease-Associated Dysbiosis

Conditions of intestinal inflammation, from disease states such as inflammatory bowel disease, can lead to microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) characterized by the representation of microbes that are otherwise not found in the intestine, such as E. coli. This increased relative abundance of facultative anaerobic bacteria, such as E. coli is thought to exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease […]

Tri-Energy Source Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain

Increasing fuel costs and tightening emissions regulations have pushed researchers in the automotive industry to develop alternative energy technologies that can replace conventional ICE systems. While some researchers focus on singular alternative energy vehicle powertrains such as pure electric powertrains, many researchers see the benefit in developing hybrid powertrains that incorporate ICE and alternative energy […]