2018-090 – Miniaturized Fast Neutron Spectrometer

Researchers at Kansas State University have developed a neutron spectrometer that is capable ofproviding information about the neutron kinetic energy distribution with much smaller mass andvolume than state-of-the-art neutron spectrometers. Ultimately, this device will benefit radiationdose reconstruction for patients undergoing heavy charged particle therapy by better understandingthe risk of secondary cancer; allow therapy treatment facilities to more efficiently monitor forsecondary neutron radiation; and serve an integral role in radiation protection of astronauts. Traditional methods of reconstructing incident neutron energy spectra rely on neutron moderationfollowed by thermal capture. Since high-energy neutrons require multiple interactions tothermalize, large masses are required to measure high-energy neutrons. The proposed device relieson proton recoil measurements instead of thermal captures, enabling substantial size reduction.Furthermore, through the use of thin silicon, an isotropically-responding device can be constructed,eliminating the need for detailed knowledge of the source-detector configuration. Aarushi Gupta-Sheth aarushi@ksu.edu 785-532-3907

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