2018-090 – Transparent Superhydrophobic Environmentally and Mechanically Durable Nanocoatings

Background Nanocoatings are applied to many commercial products because they offer protection against wear, corrosion, and other damaging effects. Traditional coating materials often do not stand the test of the increased demands made on materials today. In recent years, however, advances have been made using methods ascribed to nanotechnology. Key commercial features of effective coatings include superhydrophobicity, transparency, environmental and mechanical durabilities. Coatings currently on the market may have one or two of these qualities; however, there is not a superior coating that provides all sought-after features. Thus, there is a present market need for coatings that offer unprecedented properties that are practical for new demands and applications. Technology Description Researchers at the University of New Mexico have developed superior nanocoatings with unique compositions and modification properties. The combination of (1) superhydrophobicity, (2) transparency, (3) mechanical and (4) environmental (dissolution) resistance and durability is unprecedented. These coatings substantially differ from aerogel bulk materials. The nanocoatings have the potential to contain porous nanoparticles to load functional cargo molecules inside the film. Furthermore, these materials offer exceptional post-modifications. This opens possibilities such as multifunctionality (including but not limited to hydrophobicity and bactericidal effects) and tunable mechanical properties (cross-linking variations). Andrew Roerick aroerick@innovations.unm.edu 505-277-0608

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