2019-054 – Encapsulation of Enofibrate using Octenyl Succinic Anhydride Starch as Emulsifying Agent for High-load Drug Delivery

Poor water solubility causes many issues in certain drugs,such as impaired bioavailability and increased cost of the drug product. Thereare different classes of drugs, for example, class II drugs that have goodpermeability but low oral bioavailability. Fenofibrate is a class II drug andis poorly soluble but has great benefits in reducing levels of low-densitylipoprotein-cholesterol and triglyceride and lowering the risk ofcardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and renal disease. There have beenprevious research studies investigating the ability to use octenylsuccinicanhydride (OSA) modified starch as an emulsifier to encapsulate fenofibrate byspray drying. Using OSA modified starch, the highest fenofibrate load was 2.9%in non-water fraction (encapsulated powder). Researchers at Kansas State University took this process astep further with the purpose of investigating the ability of OSA starch as anemulsifier to prepare oil-in-water emulsions and its spray-dried particles forhigh load fenofibrate drug delivery, in order to overcome the issue of pooraqueous solubility characterizing. They were able to convert crystalline fenofibrateto an amorphous form and delivery 10% amorphous fenofibrate in encapsulatedpowder. The fenofibrate remained amorphous and stable for 3 months in storageat room temperature. The Researchers continue to conduct additional work ondifferent drugs from other classes that also have low oral bioavailability andcontinue to achieve successful drug delivery loads and solubility. Sarah Nolting snolting@ksu.edu 785-532-3910

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