UIC-2019-059 – Suprachoroidal Space Catheter

40 percent of U.S. Ophthalmic diseases affect the posterior part of the eye with nearly 5 million Americans suffering from geographic atrophy alone. Intravitreal injections such as Eylea and Lucentis have garnered broad success in the market, but there is significant need for better localization of therapeutic interventions to the posterior of the eye. The […]

UIC-2017-077 – Cerium nanoparticle for oral bacterial biofilm inhibition

Tooth born biofilms comprising Streptoccoccus mutans and other bacterial pathogens are associated with the formation of dental caries. Dental caries in pediatric patients frequently leads to pulpal necrosis, abscesses, tooth loss and increased complexity of treatment. A treatment to arrest dental caries and inhibit further biofilm formation can be beneficial. Numerous silver containing reagents have […]

UIC-2016-051 – TAT peptides for treatment of cardiac arrest

Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death in US in people over 40. There are currently no drugs available improving the survival after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). TAT-PTEN and TAT-PHLPP are two TAT-based cell permeable peptides, designed for the treatment of cardiac arrest. These peptides target the carboxyl terminal PDZ binding motif of PTEN […]

Ambient-Pressure Regeneration Of Degraded Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes Via Eutectic Solutions

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed methods that pertain to energy-efficient, low-cost, and sustainable recycling and re-manufacturing of spent and degraded lithium-ion battery cathodes. The invention combines an ambient-pressure, low-temperature molten-salt reaction with a short-time thermal annealing to directly regenerate degraded cathode particles. The chemical composition and bulk crystal structures can be recovered from […]