Treatment of cancer by inhibiting EZH2 and FGFR1-3 activity.

The present invention relates to methods for treatment of cancer using inhibitors of EZH2 and FGFR1-3 in combination. In this inventions we have tested efficacy of EZH2 inhibition together with FGFR inhibition in mesothelioma. Malignant Mesothelioma is a highly aggressive tumour of serosal surfaces. The only first line therapy is cisplatin in combination with pemetrexed […]

Inhibition of Wnt-hypersensitive intestinal tumor growth by anti-LRP6 VHH

Wnt/-catenin signaling performs central roles in adult tissue homeostasis and is initiated by Wnt-mediated activation of the Frizzled receptor and co-receptors LRP5 and LRP6. Recently, enhanced surface expression of Wnt receptors due to mutations in the E3 ubiquitin ligases RNF43 and ZNRF3 has emerged as a leading cause for cancer development. Thus, blocking receptor activity […]

7744 – Synthesis of an Image-Able Labeled Cholesterol

Radioactive tracing agent for PET imaging of adrenal adenomas, ectopic cholesterol production, subclinical Cushing’s syndrome, cholesterol metabolism/distribution, and vulnerable plaque. Provides higher sensitivity, higher resolution imaging for currently established indications where NP-59 is used, as well as in novel applications with greater sensitivity and spatial resolution requirements. Lower radiation exposure and same-day imaging protocol. Positron […]

7700 – POSS Nanocomposite Hydrogel for 3D Bioprinting

A nanocomposite material with enhanced gelling kinetics and mechanical stability Background 3D bioprinting is a tissue engineering technique that can produce biocompatible, complex three-dimensional structures from digital models, analogous to conventional 3D printing for plastic based materials. This is accomplished using materials collectively known as bioinks, which include broad classes of compounds like hydrogels or […]

7205 – Tourniquet for Civilian and Military Trauma Use

An improved tourniquet design that can be easily used by both civilians and military professionals Tourniquets help save lives by constricting blood flow to a traumatized limb thereby preventing excess blood loss in a medical emergency. Existing tourniquets are primarily designed for use by medical professionals and combat personnel and such as the military and […]

6923 – Ferroelectric Polymers from Dehydrofluorinated PVDF

Unprecedented piezoelectric properties without mechanical stretching Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and its copolymers are electroactive materials but have required mechanical stretching post-processing to induce the ferroelectric beta-phase. The 300-400% elongation required limits the applications and processability of PVDF materials. Researchers at UM have developed a pre-processing method to increase beta-phase formation in PVDF without mechanical stretching. […]

6736 – Navigation Satellite Signal Generator

Signal generator simulates both direct and scattered signals to offer high fidelity and realistic simulations Higher fidelity GNSS simulation compared to current techniques Applications include signal simulation for device testing and commercial broadcast radio and video As more devices utilize and depend on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), such as GPS and GLONASS, more reliable […]

6660 – The Young Black Men Project

Online social support program for young black men Leverages gender and culturally relevant prompts Helps young black men transition into adulthood and maintain good physical and mental health Young black men experience both physical and health challenges during the adulthood transitioning due to racial discrimination, poverty, violence and others. These stressors might result in chronic […]

5836 – Dielectric Grating, Narrowband Transmission Filter

Tunable, highly selective narrowband transmission filters from dielectric gratings Applicable to a variety of IR imaging technologies Narrowband transmission filters for infrared wavelengths, particularly long wavelength infrared (LWIR), have been difficult to develop and implement. This has in turn limited the use of these longer wavelengths in technologies, such as hyperspectral imaging, remote sensing, and […]

5524 – Tetradymite Layer Assisted Heteroepitaxial Growth and Applications

Enables crystalline growth on low-cost, lattice-mismatched substrates A research team at the University of Michigan has developed a heteroepitaxial growth technique that enables single crystalline growth on low-cost, lattice-mismatched substrates. Optoelectronic devices, including solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and lasers, generally require active area growth on expensive, lattice-matched, III-V semiconductor wafers resulting in high manufacturing […]