Mucin-Associated Surface Protein as a Novel Vaccine Candidate Against Chagas Disease

Use of synthetic peptides derived from Trypanosoma cruzi antigens and their use in vaccination against trypomastigote infection and Chagas disease. A conserved region in the family of mucin-associated surface proteins (MASP) was used to analyze the expression of MASP at different points of invasion and proved to be important for host cell invasion, thus suggesting […]

Antiparasitic Effect of bis[3,5-bis(benzylidene)-4-oxo-1-piperidinyl] Amide Derivates

This invention is directed to compositions and methods for treating parasitic infections. Compounds have been identified from a library of anti-cancer drugs that serve as suitable agents for targeting trypanosomatids. Certain aspects of this invention are directed to methods of treating eukaryotic parasites (Leishmania major or Trypanosoma cruzi) by administering an effective amount of a […]

A Wavelength Dispersive Microscope Spectrofluorometer for Characterizing Multiple Particles Simultaneously

The Wavelength Dispersive Microscope Spectrofluorometer combines telescopic wavelength dispersion techniques with fluorescence microscopy to enable detection of the full fluorescent spectra of many individual particles at once. This technology, designed both as a research instrument and smartphone instrument, can be used to detect and distinguish between biogenic and nonbiogenic particles with unparalleled efficiency. CeCe Ging […]

7095 – Ear Implant for Reconstruction

The tissue engineered ear implant grows with the child. The scaffold design supports tissue ingrowth and a soft tissue covering and requires no cartilage. The 3D printed implant can be personalized to match the shape of the patient’s healthy ear. Malformed ears are exceptionally difficult to reconstruct due to their complex geometry, yet they are […]

2016-202 – Architecture-Centric Security Modeling Tools

The tool provides the capability to model the attack surface of a system with its related software architecture. It is able to show the architecture, the vulnerabilities of all components and how they affect each other. The tools proposes two representations: attack impact and attack tree. The tool also includes a code generator to create […]

2016-140 – Open Chisel Truncated Signed Distance Field Library

This invention is an open-source implementation of the Chisel truncated signed distance field mapping system, described in the paper “CHISEL: Large Scale, Real Time 3D Reconstruction onboard a Mobile Device” which debuted in RSS 2015.The primary purpose of this invention is to demonstrate the algorithm described in that paper and integrate it with existing robot […]

2016-090 – Motion Planning to Enable Safe and Fast Flight of Autonomous Helicopters

This invention enables safe flight of autonomous helicopters and multi-rotors by efficiently calculating safe trajectories that respect helicopter constraints, obstacles, and no fly zones. Additionally the system actively steers the sensor mechanism in the direction of travel and focusing on relevant parts that need to be sensed such as landing zones that need to be […]

2016-089 – Wiki-based knowledge base

The invention is a knowledge base implemented in a wiki format to help software designers select storage technology and create a software architecture to satisfy the functional and quality attribute requirements of a particular large-scale data-intensive distributed system. The knowledge model relates system quality attributes, described using general scenario templates, to a feature taxonomy for […]

2016-075 – Automatic Facial Action Unit Coding

Methods to assess individual facial actions have potential to shed light on important behavioral phenomena ranging from emotion and social interaction to psychological disorders and health. However, manual coding of such actions is labor intensive and requires extensive training. To enable fast and reliable automated coding of spontaneous facial actions, our system exploits the dense […]