Treatment of Cancer with Complex Organic-Inorganic Pigment Compositions

The present invention includes compositions and methods for treating cancer (ex. stomach and colon cancer). Generally, the present invention includes the use of novel compositions consisting of organic/inorganic complexes for the treatmentof cancer. The organic dye or pigment can be used alone or complexed with a support during use. As used in this invention, a […]

Small Molecule Choline Kinase inhibitor with Anti-Cancer Activities (09006)

Small molecule that may have high specificity May inhibit choline kinase and suppress proliferation of multiple cancer types; May be used as a combinatorial agent with currently used chemotherapeutic agents. Cancer is a deadly disease, affecting about 38.4% of people at some point during their lifetimes [ 1 ]. With such a high prevalence and […]

ROS-Activated Compounds as Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

Latent until Activated High level of Selectivity Lower Side Effects Dr. Edward Merino, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati, and his team have created a novel strategy for the treatment of leukemia and renal cancers by using highly selective compounds. The compounds selectively trigger toxic reactions in cancer cells with increased reactive […]

Hydrogen Peroxide-Activated Compounds as Selective Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

Activation via hydrogen peroxide Low off-target effects in non-cancerous cells The design of DNA-based agents for cancer treatment has slowed dramatically because of the perception that these agents will have high levels of off-target effects on healthy, non-cancerous cells. Normal off-target effects include modification or interaction of DNA in these non-cancerous, highly replicating cells. This […]

Family of PFKFB3 Inhibitors with Anti-Cancer Activities (07010)

Family of highly specific small molecules; May suppress metabolism of cancer cells and proliferation of multiple cancer types; High oral bioavailability. There are an estimated 15 million people living with cancer in the U.S. alone. With a 5year survival rate of only 67%, cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. Due to the […]

Facilitated Organic Synthesis via Solid Chromatographic Stationary Phase (09058)

Faster, cheaper, and more efficient organic synthesis process using silica gel cartridges pre-packed in plastic column; Versatile system that can be prepared for more than one type of chemical reaction through modification of the silica gel support. Has applications for Flow Reaction Systems, production of common organic compounds, enzyme-substrate catalysis, and pharmaceutical drug design and […]