Peptidomimetic Compounds to Fight and Prevent Periodontitis (18058)

Peptidomimetic compounds are synthetically made to mimic a peptide in structure and function. These new peptidomimetic compounds prevent the formation of P. gingivalis biofilms and disrupt pre-existing biofilms; Treatment with these compounds may lead to more cost-effective, readily available treatment options. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a common infection that is linked to chronic systemic […]

Patient-Specific Total Hip Arthroplasty Guides

Reduces the need for revision surgery Applicable to any joint replacement surgery A cross-disciplinary team at the University of Cincinnati have developed a medical device and process to improve the outcomes from total hip arthroplasty (“THA”). THA or hip replacement surgery is a surgery done to remove a diseased hip joint and replace it with […]

Learning for Life

Learning for Life was developed as a set of teaching resources for educators teaching grades 4-7. These new teaching resources include activities for students and an easy to use teacher’s guide with lesson plans. For more information please visit Brad Wheeler 604-827-5086

Closed Head Injury Model of Rotation and Acceleration (CHIMERA)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of the largest unmet medical needs worldwide, with over 2M new injuries annually within North America alone with economic costs estimated at >$20 billion/year. A general need exists for pre-clinical animal models that more closely mimic the human conditions and neuropathology that follow traumatic brain injury. A significant challenge […]