2020-006 – SiCNO Ceramic Fibers from Hybrid Organic/inorganic Pre-ceramic Polymer

Researchersat Kansas State University have developed polymer-derived ceramic fiber fabric/mats,using a cost-effective method of modifying the polymer with reagents and thenelectrospinning the resulting polymer to create fibermats. Depending upon theapplication, siloxane, silazane, SiOC, SiCN, SiOCN, or others types of siliconpolymer fibermats can be obtained. Thesepolymer fibermats are flexible and bendable, and can be molded into a desiredshape to be heat-cured into ceramic fibermats. The resulting ceramicfibermats show extreme resistance to thermal damage caused by exposure to acetylenetorch (expected temperature 2500 C) in open air for extended periods oftime. Hence, these fibermats can serve as reinforcement material for high-temperatureceramic matrix composite applications. Aarushi Gupta-Sheth aarushi@ksu.edu 785-532-3907

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