2020-021 – Advanced Multi-Composite Media and Methods of Fabrication

Background Methodologies currently utilized to synthesize multi-composite hybrid glass encounter two primary limitations; embedding an appropriately high density of desired crystallites and dispersing the crystals with the desired spatial density distribution in the amorphous medium. In a previous disclosure, a novel process by which multi-composite media consisting of embedded crystallites in an amorphous host medium was described (STC Ref. 2020-020). While this process facilitates the creation of crystallites of pre-defined and controlled composition, it is not amenable to the creation of “solid solutions” in which the crystallites have well-defined sizes and precise locations (and known distributions) in the glass/amorphous solid host. Therefore, a need exists to develop a process that facilitates the precise control of the spatial location of each individual crystallite embedded in an amorphous solid (glass). Technology Description A researcher at the University of New Mexico has developed a method to control the spatial location of each crystallite embedded in an amorphous solid. This method can be used to enable point-by-point, pattern nucleation, and growth of in situ nanocrystals or appropriately-sized microcrystals in bulk amorphous media and in microstructured transparent amorphous dielectric environments. The method described can not only be utilized for optical media synthesis, but also for the fabrication of a variety of advanced materials capable of deploying anisotropic electrical and thermal properties. Andrew Roerick aroerick@innovations.unm.edu 505-277-0608

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