Development of Methods and Assay for Measurement of Total Oxidized Phospholipid (OxPL)

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a method and assay measuring total oxidized phospholipids( OxPL) that can be used for determining and or distinguishing a disease or disorder associated with OxPL. The invention provides for methods, compositions and kits that utilize total Oxidized phospholipids to determine whether a subject has liver disease. Nonalcoholic fatty liver […]

6248 – Single Cell Detachment and Retrieval in the Microfluidics

Pulsed laser beams on a CNT-PDMS composite film where cells are adhered A technique to retrieve viable cells at single cell resolution from microfluidic chips with high spatial resolution has been developed at the University of Michigan. The capability to collect and utilize small samples is a key challenge in cancer studies and personalized medicine. […]

2018-046 – A motion planner for visual inspection of infrastructure using flying robots

This invention generates a trajectory based on a set of planes, an obstacle map, and a localizability map as input. The trajectory is then executed by the robot to inspect a structure. The trajectory avoids obstacles, can respect a localizability metric, and covers a structure.This technology is mainly software. Scott McEvoy 412-268-6053

2018-039 – Tiny Face Detector

Though tremendous strides have been made in object recognition, one of the remaining open challenges is detecting small objects. We explore three aspects of the problem in the context of finding small faces: the role of scale invariance, image resolution, and contextual reasoning. While most recognition approaches aim to be scale-invariant, the cues for recognizing […]

2017-076 – Natural Language Instructions for Collaborative Manipulation Corpus

This is a dataset which is comprised of natural language instructions used to instruct a robot in picking up objects in a cluttered environment. It was crowd-sourced via Amazon Mechanical Turk user studies and contains metadeta pertaining to the corpus such as hand-coded labeling of characteristic features as well as user-specific data collected during the […]

2017-066 – OntoPronto

User interface tool for developing insider threat indicators using the insider threat indicator ontology. Raymond Taylor 412-268-2000

2017-016 – TopGen Virtualized Application Service Simulator

TopGen is a virtualized application service simulator for offline exercise and training networks. It configures a single computer host to serve multiple co-hosted virtual services, such as HTTP virtual hosts, DNS views, and SMTP/IMAP virtual mail domains. It includes a network topology definition, “greybox,” that can be used with external routing emulators to construct a […]