Inhibiting Molten Salt Infiltration of Porous Materials

Concept Developed Researchers at Purdue University have developed a method for inhibiting the infiltration of molten salt into porous materials and devices. Molten salts can be used as a heat transfer fluid in high temperature applications for chemical processing, energy production and storage, and waste heat recovery because of desirable heat transfer properties and earth […]

6930 – Retrospective Cost Adaptive with Concurrent Model Identification

Uses past information to control a system without the use of a look up table This technology uses past information about some system to infer non-minimum-phase zeros. Non-minimum-phase zeros occur in a large number of physical systems from riding a bike to aerodynamics to vibration. Understanding a systems non-minimum-phase zeros is crucial to being able […]

6896 – Adaptive Input Estimation for Enhanced Tracking of Maneuvering Targets

Retrospective cost algorithm Estimate acceleration quickly and accurately This technology is a method for accelerating the acceleration of an object using optical or radar technologies. Acceleration cannot be measured directly by these methods, but must be estimated based on position and other data taken over multiple images. Current methods, such as mathematical filtering of data […]

6853 – Wireless Power Transfer Using Multiple Near-Field Plates

Grating-like array of subwavelength structures allow greater magnetic field between the transmitter and the receiver Improved transmission efficiency with minimized interference Wireless power transfer and charging is an important component in creating more independent devices, especially for medical and mobile applications. However, the technology currently has significant limits on transmission distance and transmitter/receiver size, which […]

2011-017 – Laparo-Extender: A device for Safely Expanding Laparoscopic Surgical Incisions

Executive SummaryUniversity of Virginia physicians have developed an inventive device to aid surgeons in safely removing patients92 gall bladders when complications arise that put patients at increased risk of harm and morbidity.BackgroundCholecystitis, or inflammation of the gallbladder, is among the most costly gastrointestinal diseases. The condition is frequently treated with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a common surgical […]

2010-034 – Gas-Expanded Lubricants

Executive SummaryThis invention provides a method for lubricating bearings during operation in which mixtures of lubricant and high-pressure gas are supplied inside a reinforced casing. The gas serves to control the viscosity and thermal conductivity of the lubricant such that bearing characteristics, such as power loss, can be minimized as loading and speed conditions change.BackgroundWind […]

2009-140 – Inhibitors of Inv(16) Leukemia

Executive SummaryUniversity of Virginia researchers have discovered novel compounds that can be used for the targeted treatment of the inv(16) subtype of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), improving upon existing nonspecific chemotherapies. These compounds have the promise to vastly improve patients92 therapy tolerance, survival rates and relapse rates. BackgroundThe American Cancer Society estimates 12,810 new cases […]

2008-171 – High-Presence, Low-Bandwith, Apparent 3D Video-Conferencing with a Single Camera

Photo by Jackson SmithJeffrey R. Spies with (onscreen, left to right) Timothy R. Brick and Steven M. Boker, Ph.D. Executive SummaryUniversity of Virginia researchers have developed a novel method for enhancing users92 video-conferencing experience by enabling apparent three-dimensionality with the use of a single camera. High-presence and direct eye-contact conversations are achieved under low-bandwidth requirements […]