Wrong-Way Driver Detection Technologies can Help Prevent Head-On Collisions

New systems leverage vehicle and roadside technologies to thwart head-on collisions caused by wrong-way drivers Easily integrates with existing driver-assistance technologies and highway infrastructures Researchers at the University of Central Florida and the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) have patented methods for systems that help prevent head-on collisions when drivers wrongfully enter roadways. The technologies […]

Web-Based Anatomical Board Database Application

Track and manage human cadaver donations Provides a registry of the Willed-Body Program Microsoft .NET platform Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine have developed a customizable web-based application for managing cadaver donations and providing a registry of the Willed-Body Program. The Willed-Body Program enables residents of their respective states to donate […]

Weather-Responsive Smart Ventilation System Using Multiple Parameters

Mechanical ventilation controls enhance HVAC systems Provides added energy savings and indoor air comfort Residential scale products University of Central Florida researchers have developed a smart ventilation system that can be used with new or existing residential heating and cooling systems to improve indoor air quality, reduce costs and save energy. Most ventilation control systems […]

Water-Based Coating Provides Superior Water and Dust Resistance

Nanoparticle suspension for a variety of surfaces Ambient temperature application Multi-year performance Water and dust buildup on a variety of surfaces, such as decks, pillars, ceiling fans, refrigerator cooling coils, and blinds, can cause many problems including reduced performance and life, as well as increased maintenance cost. Dust-resistant and moisture-resistant coated mechanical components can reduce […]

Unique Nanocomposites for Fiber- and Planar-Infrared Laser Applications

Glass-nanocrystal material Material for optical fibers, thin films and bulk optical elements Mid-IR applications Researchers at the University of Central Florida have invented a low loss optical nanocomposite material made of glass and high concentrations of nanocrystals (NCs). Unlike conventional crystal laser media, the new glass ceramic medium can be drawn into fiber, coated onto […]

Tunable, Uncooled Infrared Detector with Narrow-Band Wavelength Selectivity

Low-cost, mid-infrared (IR) wavelength detector offers high responsivity without cryogenic cooling Uses simple nanoimprint-based fabrication methods Sensitive in the mid-IR range (~ 8-12µm) UCF researchers have invented a nanoscale IR detector that overcomes major limitations of today’s cooled and uncooled IR detectors. The Optical Frequency-Selective Absorber-Based Infrared Detector operates uncooled and can be tuned to […]

Tunable Graphene-Based Method for Detecting Mid-Infrared (IR) Radiation

Method offers low-cost, uncooled multi-spectral IR detection and imaging in the 8-12 µm bands Provides microsecond response times Nanoimprinting-based large-area patterning technique Researchers at the University of Central Florida have invented a low-cost method that can enable ultrafast, tunable mid-IR detection and imaging without the need for expensive and complex cryogenic cooling. The novel graphene-based […]

The Dementia and Delirium Analysis Research Tool

An easy-to-use, accessible questionnaire Improves accuracy of patient outcomes For clinical and caregiver use with dementia and delirium patient Researchers at the University of Central Florida, in conjunction with a physician, have created a new tool called the Dementia and Delirium Analysis Research Tool, which can conveniently and efficiently collect and analyze patient data with […]

Technique for Tagging Therapeutically Relevant Compounds for Tracking and Evaluation

Up-conversion emission methods, apparatus and systems for doping cerium oxide and other therapeutically valuable nanoparticles with rare earth ions Uses infrared excitation sources for emission of visible light Applications in drug design, therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals UCF scientists have discovered a method of doping nanoceria and other therapeutically valuable nanoparticles with rare earth metals for bioimaging […]

Target Cancer Cells with Coated Nanoceria

Fights cancer cells while protecting normal cells Nanoparticles may also include an encapsulated dye Polymers endow the nanoceria with a surface charge Researchers at the University of Central Florida have created a new weapon in the fight against cancer by coating nanoparticles of cerium oxide, nanoceria, with polymers. The invention affects the localization of nanoceria […]