Targeting Fungi in Combination with Cancer Therapy

This invention discloses methods to enhance cancer therapy such as radiation therapy by modulating gut microbiome. The inventors discovered that radiation therapy efficacy is reduced with antibiotic/antibacterial treatment yet enhanced with antifungal treatment. This invention can be adopted to design new cancer treatment strategies by targeting gut fungi microbiome. More than 200,000 cases of breast […]

Peptide for Immuno-Oncology Molecular Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivery

To improve cancer patient survival, two important aspects of management need to be addressed: early diagnosis and monitoring disease progression during and post treatment. Current available clinical approaches, including imaging and immunochemistry, have their limitations. Therefore, a tumor-specific imaging approach which integrates evaluation of cancer microenvironment and global tumor morphological characteristics without invasive surgical procedures […]

Novel Fungal Mycobiome as a Diagnostic Marker and Therapeutic Target

This invention discovers that 1) members of the fungal mycobiome can be utilized as probiotics and nutritional ingredients to influence health and disease, 2) relative changes in the fungal mycobiome can be used as a prognostic marker of disease development and severity, and 3) modulation of this community by using existing anti-fungal drugs or certain […]

Monoclonal Antibody that Suppresses Thyrotropin Receptor Constitutive Activity

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that starts in the thyroid gland. According to the American Cancer Society’s estimates, there will be 52,070 new cases and 2,170 deaths from thyroid cancer in the US in 2019. Current treatment methods are not fully effective. Our inventors have discovered a monoclonal antibody that suppresses thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) constitutive […]

Method for in vitro Expansion of Adult Lung Stem Cells and Organoid Generation

This invention discloses a culture method to expand adult lung stem cells and generate lung organoids. The generated lung organoids are superior models of lung diseases modeling compared to isolated cells. The human airway epithelial tissues consist of closely packed functional cells and resident stem or progenitor cells, and the composition varies depending on airway […]

Internal Fixator for Distracon Osteogenesis in Children

The proposed device combines the principles of a telescopic intramedullary limb-lengthening nail and the geometry of locking plates and includes a lengthening mechanism. The plate’s extension is driven by a leadscrew, which engages the threaded hole in the piston. When the leadscrew is rotated, the piston moves away from the barrel and linear extension is […]

In Vitro Induction of Mammary-Like Differentiation from Human iPSCs

Postnatal mammary gland development is regulated by hormones, growth factors, extracellular matrix, etc. In vitro primary breast cell culture does not recapitulate the in vivo process. As an alternative, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have served as a rich source to generate differentiated cells types; however, despite much research effort, generation of mammary-like cells/organoids from […]

ETS Factors as Targets for Glioma

This invention discloses that ETS transcription factors are new targets for glioma. The inventors showed that disrupting the Ras signaling pathway in neuronal stem cells (NSCs) and progenitors cells drives a premature depletion of NSCs and an emergence of rapidly proliferating glia that subsequently yield tumors with differing glioma subtype profiles and pathological grades. The […]

Adrenoceptors Antagonists for the Prevention and Treatment of Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease

This invention discloses a new strategy to treat Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease (iPD) at the stage that precedes the motor symptom state, known as “pre-motor symptom” stage, using adrenoceptor antagonists such as β-blockers. Also included is a non-invasive method to diagnose iPD and monitor its progression, which allows treatment before iPD enters the motor symptom state. […]