Plant-Derived Formulations for Treatment of HIV – IP 0908A

Plant derivedcompounds are known to exhibit a range of pharmaceutical and biologicalactivities. There are currently more than two dozen antiretroviral drugs usedfor the treatment of HIV, and these drugs are divided into one of six classesdepending on how they attack the virus. The anti-retroviral drugs are usuallycombined into three-drug cocktails called highly active antiretroviral therapyor […]

Paper Based Sensor For Detection Of Electron Donors – IP 1428

NAD(P)H and its oxidized form, NAD(P) + are ubiquitous biomolecules associated with cellular energy metabolismin both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. It has been reported that theNAD(P)+/NAD(P)H couples are essential cofactors for more than300 dehydrogenases. Increased activity of dehydrogenases, such as aldehydedehydrogenases, has been reported in various human cancers and has been foundto interfere with certain […]

Method and Apparatus for Detecting Explosives – IP 0310A

Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a rugged, inexpensive, sensitive, field portable technique for the detection of organic compounds. It is widely employed in ports of entry and by the military as a particle detector for explosives and drugs of abuse. Many organic high explosives do not have a vapor pressure high enough for effective vapor […]

Inhibitors of Bacterial Quorum Sensing – IP 1103

As antimicrobial resistance isa growing global threat, it is imperative to develop alternative therapeutic approaches. Quorum sensing (QS) is a typeof bacterial cell-to-cell signaling pathway mediated through the production,release, and detection of the small signaling molecules called autoinducers(AIs). Such communication allows bacterial control of crucial functionincluding virulence factors and biofilm formation. If achieved, the inhibition […]

Failure Prevention and Repair (FPR) Sequence Plans in Smart Grids

Technology Readiness Level: Proof of concept Researchers at Purdue University have developed sequencers for failure prevention and repair (FPR) in smart grids. This technology can be used to optimally allocate resources and prioritize failures in massively distributed networks. The focus is on repair, recovery, and prevention using a suite of control algorithms for failure prevention […]

Biological Sensing and Actuation Using CMOS SOI Microelectrode Arrays

Technology Readiness Level: Process validation in lab Researchers at Purdue University have developed a highly-flexible microelectrode array built on a complementary metal oxide semiconductor chip that senses live cells, neurons, and live tissues. This technology not only improves the yield and sensitivity, it brings the advantages of CMOS integration, e.g., wireless link and wireless powering. […]

6604 – Two-Gap Capacitive Structure for Sensing and Actuation Devices

High-aspect ratio gaps for bulk micromachined 3D MEMS devices Significantly increased capacitive sensitivity A two-gap capacitive structure that provides high aspect-ratio gaps for bulk micromachined 3D MEMS devices has been developed at the University of Michigan. Bulk micromachined capacitive transducers provide larger mass and higher transduction area compared to surface micromachined devices. However, higher sensitivities, […]

2020-402 – U-M Face Shield

Free, downloadable files available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Michigan Medicine approved design for face shield PPE Due to shortages of PPE and other materials the University of Michigan in collaboration with Ann Arbor maker community partners (including Maker Works, the Ann Arbor Public Schools Rapid Response Fabrication Team, and Operation Face […]