Multiphoton Magnetic Resonance Imaging

UC Berkeley researchers have developed novel imaging techniques with the use of a multiphoton magnetic resonance imaging apparatus. By taking a particular rotating frame transformation the researchers found that multiphoton excitations appear just like single‐photon excitations and can also use concepts explored in standard single‐photon excitation. One prototype included a low frequency coil while another […]

COVID-19 Contact Backtracking Global Surveillance Platform

USC researchers have generated CorvGenSurv (Coronavirus Genome Surveillance), which is an all-in-one sequencing and bioinformatics pipeline for COVID-19 close-contact transmission surveillance. CorvGenSurv is designed to be seamlessly integrated within the ongoing pandemic diagnostic testing channels, without the need of additional specimen collection from COVID-19 patients. These sequences will be analyzed by CorvGenSurv’s cloud-base software-as-a-service platform […]