6797 – Stable and Highly Active Nickel(0) Catalysts of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands

New class of Ni(0) complexes of NHC ligands High catalytic activity in a range of catalytic processes Air stable Nickel catalysts can be both economical and powerful catalysts for applications in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and polymer industries. Despite the potential for Ni catalysts in widespread processes like carbon-carbon coupling reactions, their application has been slowed due […]

2019-237 – Method for Catalytic Glycosylation

Scalable catalytic synthesis of oligosaccharides High yield synthesis of even complex, synthetic polysaccharides High reaction selectivity for versatile polysaccharide designs Glycosylation, or forming of glycosidic bonds between sugar molecules to produce oligo and polysaccharides, is one of the basic biological enzymatic reactions. Poly and oligosaccharides can also be synthesized in the laboratory setting, however existing […]

100-118-0008 – Novel Chest Tube Embeds Neurostimulation for Pain Management

Reduce post-surgery complicationsand opioid-based medications Each year, more than 900,000 patients in theUnited States undergo thoracic procedures thatrequire placement of a chest tube to drain fluid andmonitor bleeding or air leakage. The discomfortand sometimes extreme pain associated withchest tube placement and use complicates patientrecovery and can lead to the prescribing of opioidmedications with the potential […]

100-118-0005 – Versatile Hemostatic Port Cuff

Control discharge and bleedingduring laparoscopic procedures Lack of visibility in laparoscopic surgery is awidespread, well-documented challenge forsurgeons. Fluids from bleeding and oozing flowalong the trocar used at the surgical entry pointand onto the scope, obstructing the field of view.With more than four million minimally invasivesurgical procedures performed in the United Stateseach year, devices that reduce […]