Self-reported Experiences of Activity Settings (SEAS)

There is a need for psychometrically sound measures of youth experiences of community/home leisure activity settings. The 22-item Self-Reported Experiences of Activity Settings (SEAS) is a reliable and valid measure of youth experiences in the following areas: Personal Growth, Psychological Engagement, Social Belonging, Meaningful Interactions, and Choice & Control. The SEAS is appropriate for youth […]

Measure of Environmental Qualities of Activity Settings (MEQAS)

The observer-rated Measure of Environmental Qualities of Activity Settings (MEQAS) is a research and clinical tool designed to measure opportunity-related qualities of leisure activity settings for young people (with or without disabilities). The MEQAS-48 has evidence of reliability and validity, and contains the following scales: Opportunities for Social Activities, Opportunities for Physical Activities, Pleasant Physical […]

5466 – Method for Analyzing Collagenous Tissue for the Detection and Diagnosis of Compromised Tissue Quality

Bone Disease Collagen D-Spacing Diagnosis This technology utilizes atomic force microscopy (AFM) imaging and two-dimensional fast Fourier transform (2D FFT) analysis to examine collagen fibril D-spacing in collagenous tissues. Collagen is the major building block of many human tissues, including skin, tendons, and bone. Structurally, collagen molecules are arranged into fibrils that contain repeating staggered […]

2020-052 – Secure, Remote Cattle Detection and Trapping System

Background When rangeland is ready to be harvested or cleared, the cattle present must be removed. Wrangling or herding of open range cattle is a suitable solution for domesticated cattle; however, a majority of range cattle do not fall into this category. When cattle are without regular human contact, they can revert to wild behaviors […]

2020-021 – Advanced Multi-Composite Media and Methods of Fabrication

Background Methodologies currently utilized to synthesize multi-composite hybrid glass encounter two primary limitations; embedding an appropriately high density of desired crystallites and dispersing the crystals with the desired spatial density distribution in the amorphous medium. In a previous disclosure, a novel process by which multi-composite media consisting of embedded crystallites in an amorphous host medium […]

2020-008 – P2X4 scFv Antibodies as a Non-opioid Therapeutic for Pain Management

Background Less than thirty percent of Americans who suffer from chronic pain are effectively treated by current therapies. Opioids as therapeutic agents, in particular, are significantly limited by their addictive and detrimental side effects, including sedation, respiratory depression, constipation, and tolerance. In order to effectively treat chronic pain, without the risk of damaging side effects, […]

2020-005 – Chemically Modified Silicone as an Antimicrobial and Antifungal Surface

Background Pathogenic biofilms, particularly in medical settings, are dangerous and expensive. During catheter exchange or prosthetic implant surgery, bacteria and fungi can enter the body and develop biofilms on both biological matter and implanted material surfaces. Biofilm growth occurs easily and rapidly in physiological conditions, due to a high availability of nutrients and desirable temperatures. […]

2019-123 – Signature miRNA to predict Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS)

Background Infants who have had in utero exposures from maternal substance abuse can experience central nervous system effects of the drugs, including drug toxicity and withdrawal. In utero exposure to opioids and medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) can result in Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS), which now affects 6 per 1,000 hospital births. There […]

2019-110 – Diamond Vector Magnetometer Enhanced by Flux Concentrators

Background Vector magnetometers are instruments that record the ambient magnetic flux density and its three-dimensional direction of a magnetic field. They have applications in geophysical and archaeological surveys, space missions, and position, navigation, and timing (PNT) devices. Such diverse and rugged applications require the instruments to not only be durable, but easy to transport and […]

2019-108 – Design, Development, and Use of a Time Machine with Augmented Reality

Background The concern of large-scale infrastructure integrity is growing due to a vast number of structures worldwide that are currently operating beyond the designed 50-year service life. With further advancements in construction integrity, infrastructure will be expected to have greater than a century-long service life. Ensuring safe and efficient operation/performance of these infrastructures over time […]