Specific Velocity Estimation of Wireless Network Devices – IP 1516

Current Long Term Evolution (LTE) and all its successors use the mobility state classifications of low, medium, and high. Such coarse classification loses information. The method being developed at FIU obtains the exact velocity of user equipment (UE) mobility and uses the number of handovers within a time window to give more accurate information. A […]

Porous Perovskite Nickelates with Enhanced Electrochromic Properties and Systems Thereof

Technology been validated through experiment with electric stimuli and different compositions of electrochromic materials Researchers at Purdue University have developed a class of microstructurally engineered electrochromic materials featuring porous perovskite nickelates, NdNiO3 (NNO). Electrochromic materials operate well at high temperature and in gaseous environments, making them ideal for smart windows in vehicles, aircraft, buildings, and […]

Novel Age-Hardenable Magnesium Alloy – IP 1526

Current benchmark magnesium alloys,such as the Mg-Al family, are thermally unstable at temperatures over 125 °C.The currently available alternative for elevated temperature applications isMg-AE42, which can be used for temperatures up to 170 °C, above which there isan abrupt degradation of creep resistance. The price range for Mg-AE42 isextremely high. This invention uses an Mg-Sn […]

Nonverbal Pain Assessment Tool (NPAT)

This tool (Nonverbal Pain Assessment Tool (NPAT)) was developed to assess pain in patients who are unable to verbalize pain. The tool uses behaviors that are associated with pain. The tool has been validated and is reliable in this patient population. Amanda Wochele Wochela@ccf.org 216-409-5737

Non-Blocking Writes to File Data – IP 1424

The ability to cache and buffer file data within an operatingsystem (OS) page cache is a key performance optimization that has been thestandard for more than four decades. An OS can seamlessly fetch pages intomemory from backing storage when necessary as they are read or written to by aprocess. The same key design is also […]

Nanostructured Molecularly Imprinted Sensors for Direct Electrochemical Detection of Analytes – IP 1433

FIU inventors have presented a technique, known as molecularimprinting, for creating specific recognition sites in conducting polymericmatrices that mimics the recognition of biological receptors. Molecularlyimprinted polymers are synthetic polymers with highly specific recognitionsites, formed during polymerization, in the presence of target analytes and inthe subsequent removal of analytes. The target analytes act as templates whilethe […]

Microextraction Capsule – IP 1508

The microextraction capsule (MEC) is capable of extracting target analyte(s)directly from unaltered sample matrices of biological, chemical, environmental,food, pharmaceutical, toxicological, and forensic significance containing highvolume of matrix interferents without requiring any sample clean-up approachesprior to the extraction of the target analyte(s). Due to the high loading ofthe extraction sorbent, MEC is capable of handling direct […]

Glioma Treatment Utilizing EP2 Antagonists

Effective treatment for Gliomas Flexible Administration With 17,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the United States, malignant gliomas account for about 80% of all primary malignant brain tumors, with 82% of these cases classified as a grade IV tumor—glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The median survival time of GBM patients from diagnosis with treatment is only […]

Efficient Electrochromic Materials for use in Smart Windows and Tunable Optical Elements

Researchers at Purdue University have developed an electrochromic material for use in smart windows to reduce the cost of energy consumption and light costs. Using a multi-layer configuration, the windows are capable of rapidly modulating the transfer of light in response to an electrical stimulus. Compared to its counterparts, this window is more efficient and […]