SAB, a Candidate for Human Degenerative Disease and Therapeutic Sensitivity in Cancer – IP 1315

FIU inventors have discovered a method for detectingdegenerative diseases in humans without a focus on blood factors and, instead,using protein SAB (or SH3BP5). SAB is a scaffold protein that coordinatessignaling components on the outer mitochondrial membrane, which can driveprocesses such as mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death. Using SAB as abiomarker to organize signaling components and […]

Dynamic Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction (DFPSE) – IP 1319

Dynamic Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction (DFPSE)disks are capable of extracting target analyte(s)exhaustively from unmodified sample matrices containing high volume of matrixinterferents including particles, debris, biomass, cells, tissues, proteinswithout employing any sample clean-up exercise. The technologyprovides the process of making DFPSE disks by chemically immobilizing organicpolymers or ligands on a flexible substrate resulting in an exhaustive […]

Aviation Fuels Property Prediction App

This technology has been validated at FLORE testing center at Purdue Researchers at Purdue University have developed a application for rapid determination of aviation fuel properties. Current tests are time consuming and require large volumes of fuel for testing. The application created by Purdue researchers works in conjunction with a 2D chromatography to accurately determine […]

8858 – Optimizing Bra Sizing According to the 3D Shape of Breasts

Cornell researchers have developed a 3D bra sizing method by evaluatingindividual breast shape. Specifically, this data system selects the mostappropriate human fit-models and offers customized recommendations based onconsumers’ body scans. This optimizedsizing system allows for constant updates and quick size recommendations byincorporating new data into the existing sizing system with the collection of3D body-scans for […]