Biomass to Biochar Conversion Technique

With the increasing threat of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, there is a rapidly growing interest to search for more sustainable and environmentally friendly fuel options. As a solution, biochar is a highly efficient and renewable alternative biofuel that is effective in working towards minimizing greenhouse gas emissions for industrial applications. This method involves […]

9480 – Cancer Detection through Liquid Biopsies of Extracellular Vesicles and Particles

Method for identifying cancer from liquid biopsies. Current methods for diagnosing and characterizing solid-tumor cancer, assessing its spread and response to treatment overwhelmingly use tissue biopsies. Due to the invasive and specialized nature of these procedures, samples are difficult to obtain. Alternatively, so-called liquid biopsies are minimally invasive, easy to perform repeatedly, and may provide […]

2020-124 – Cross-Neutralizing scFv Antibodies for COVID-19 Therapies

Background Infectious viral-based diseases; such as, COVID-19, are highly contagious and life threatening. These diseases, in particular, have the potential to pose serious repercussions and threats on the well-being and socio-economic aspects of society. For these reasons, it is vital to develop both preventive measures and therapeutic treatments for infections caused by these viruses. Currently, […]

2020-117 – Household Mask Maker and Dispenser

Background Face masks, especially in the current coronavirus pandemic, are vital in preventing disease transmission, by blocking and/or filtering viral particles. Unfortunately, in times of high demand, face masks become sparsely stocked and incredibly expensive, forcing more creative development methods to emerge. As a result, the CDC has recommended a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to create […]

2020-073 – Double-Sided Tape Used for Microscope Slides and Cover Slips

Background When using a microscope to conduct research, it is critical to ensure the coverslip is not incorrectly applied. Challenges associated with a misaligned coverslip may drastically impact the study of a sample. Samples are prone to being damaged when excessive force is used to apply a coverslip, thereby delaying the research prosses. To avoid […]

2020-060 – Surface Modification for Selective Cell Capture & Adhesion

Functionalizes surfaces with both antibodies and peptides to maximize cellular adhesion, differentiation and proliferation Allows for independent control over concentration of antibodies and peptides Provides control over orientation of antibodies and peptides This invention provides a defined chemical means to functionalize the surface of blood contacting medical devices and cell culture systems to specific concentrations […]

2020-033 – DNA-encoded functionalized aptamers

Highly promising oligomer ligands: ease-of-synthesis and large chemical diversity. DNA encoding for the simultaneous assessment of millions of oligomers. Ligands with superior properties than aptamers for pharmaceutical and sensing applications. We show the synthesis of a novel class of DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) for high affinity binding to targets, such as proteins and small molecules. In […]

2018-040 – Versatile platforms to introduce chemical functionality in nucleic acids and sequence-controlled polymers

DNA modifications such as dyes or biotin made easy and affordable. Multiple different DNA modification reagents in 2 steps from 3 easy-to-make molecules. Affording various modifications on one strand without creating multiple stereoisomers. This invention shows the fast and cost-efficient synthesis of reagents used to modify synthetic DNA and RNA strands. It allows to introduce […]

1269: Knockdown Of Nicotinamide N-Methyltransferase as a Novel Strategy for the Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity

Therapeutic Area: Metabolic Diseases/Diabetes & Obesity Technology Platform: DNA/RNA Therapy; Small Molecules Development Stage: Proof of Concept-Animal Obesity is a chronic disease that is a casual factor to several metabolic disorders and cardiovascular diseases. An increasing percentage of the US population is medically obese, making obesity a major healthcare burden and a leading cause of […]