UMIP-589 – Method for Detecting Extracellular Vesicle by Means of Bioluminescence Detection

Problem: Exosomes, secreted nano-size extracellular vesicles,contain nucleic acid, protein, and lipid cargo specific to the cell of origin.Given that exosomes released from tumor cells can be obtained directly frombody fluids, detection and analysis of tumor-derived exosomes (TEX) have showedthe potential in the cancer diagnosis and prognosis as a promising non-invasivealternative for tissue biopsies. However, commonly […]

TT-283 – Therapeutic Hybrid Implantable Devices

Cellular and tissue replacement therapy offers significantpromise as the future of regenerative medicine in prevalentdiseases and clinical conditions. Diseases, such as diabetes,immune system disorders, and Parkinson’s disease forexample, are from the inability of the patient’s own cells andtissues to produce normal levels of bio-factors. Suchconditions may be treated by cell/tissue transplants byproviding a safe and […]

Transparent Interpretation and Integration of Layered Software Architecture Event Streams

Prof. Bates at the University of Illinois has developed ωLog, a software application which collects application context through analysis of event logs, and integrates that information into whole-system provenance. Through binary analysis, ωLog determines application logging behavior, associates events at the application level with events at the system level, and based on user queries, generates […]

Optical Antennas for Semiconductor Chip Testing

Optical antenna structures integrated into the design and fabrication of semiconductor circuits as test points Compatible with standard semiconductor processing techniques Enables effective testing of circuits with very small semiconductor dimensionsAbstract A method of testing semiconductor chips comprising optical antennas fabricated on the semiconductor device such that light can be used to interrogate the function […]

Multi-material, multi-layered femtosecond laser surface processing

Production of FLSP structures on materials that otherwise could not be easily processed Technology Description: This technology is a method of producing multi-material surface structures using femtosecond laser surface processing (FLSP). The method allows for the surface processing of a wide variety of materials – including materials such as insulators where surface processing using FLSP […]

Mild and Uniform IBV Vaccine

Mild, uniform, and stable Uses standard production and delivery procedures Reliable immune response in chicks Breakouts of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in vaccinated chickens continue to cause millions in losses each year for the poultry industry despite worldwide vaccination efforts. Emergence of new Arkansas (Ark) IBV strains has been attributed in part to increased vaccine […]

Hydrogel Nanoparticle Carriers for Delivery of Therapeutic/Diagnostic Agents

Profs. Hyungsoo Choi and Kevin Kim have developed a hydrogel nanoparticle carrier comprising gelatin covalently crosslinked with cyclodextrin, which has a longer drug release profile than other carriers. The invented nano/micro carriers allows delivery of therapeutic and/or diagnostic agents that havelow aqueous solubility. These hydrophobic molecules are confined inside hydrophobic pockets, and are released as […]

Fiber based visible and near infrared optical coherence tomography

Enables spectroscopic measurements in OCT systems Enbables OCT to extract the depth-resolved spectral profile Large spectral bandwidthAbstract The invention is a simple all fiber-based setup to implement dual channel visible and near infrared (NIR) optical coherence tomography (vnOCT). The fiber components in the vnOCT system support single-mode propagation for both visible and NIR light, both […]

2020-269 – Precipitation Printing

Faster printing of a wide variety of polymers with greater porosity control Direct additive manufacturing of piezoelectric PVDF without any post-processing Additive manufacturing allows for the fabrication of complex structures which are hard to achieve through conventional machining, extrusion, injection molding or blow molding processes. However, current additive manufacturing methods for polymers still have limitations […]