2020-107 – Ion Exchange Membrane Separated Two Electrode Flow Analyzer for Continuous Aqueous Electrochemical Heavy Metal Detection

Background Contaminationof ground water by heavy metals is a major health risk. Heavy metals are knownto be naturally occurring compounds, but various industrial activities introducethem in large quantities into the environment. According to the World HealthOrganization, even minute concentrations (10 micrograms per liter), of arsenic oxyanions,in aquifers are considered dangerous to human health. Regular exposure […]

2020-082 – Spring Loaded Hemodialysis Connector Valve

Background Acute hemorrhage is among the most life-threatening in-center complications of hemodialysis treatment. During treatment, this can occur due to arteriovenous fistula/graft rupture, venous needle dislodgement, or accidental disconnection of the dialysis tubing. Current hemodialysis treatments use Luer-Lock style connections between the needle, tubing, and dialyzer; as well as, backflow preventor clamps. These devices do […]

2020-070 – Body Odor Measuring Device

Background Due to the nature of our sense of smell, human olfactory receptors become desensitized, resulting in the inability to detect our own body odor. Even though our bodies appear to smell after exercise or stress-induced sweating, human sweat is actually odorless. Sweat is excreted by apocrine glands and consists of oily fluids, containing proteins, […]