UMI-173 Long-Term, Controlled Oxygenation Generation for Cellular and Biomaterial Applications

Various strategies have been developed forgenerating oxygen in situ for biological applications. Thesemethods include oxygen reservoirs, which are limited in scopeand duration; electrochemical generators of oxygen, which arecomplicated by the electronics involved; and oxygen tanks, whichrequire daily purging and refilling. Most applications are forwound healing and not for applications where oxygen releasemust be sustained for […]

Selective Histone Deacetylace 8 Inhibitors

Highly potent (0.8 nM) inhibitor of HDAC8 > 1000 fold selectivity vs. other HDAC isoforms Established structure-activity-relationship (SAR)Abstract Histone/protein deacetylase (HDAC) enzyme have been validated as drug targets in a number of diseases, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, immune disorders, etc. There are currently few HDAC inhibitors on the market, and these inhibitors have numerous side […]

New Lead Free Primary Explosives

Technology Readiness Level: Proof of concept How has the technology been validated? Process for making the structure of the energic materials has been fine-tuned Researchers at Purdue University have developed new lead-free, heterocyclic, high-density energetic materials. The process for making these materials creates silver salts that have unique energetic properties, as well. The chemical makeup […]

Detonation Engine with Discontinuous Combustor

Technology Readiness Level: Proof of concept How has the technology been validated? Power and high speed were tested Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new detonation engine design that operates continuously with an open channel geometry. The novel combustion device has potential for applications in many propulsion systems, including rockets and high-speed airbreathing engines. […]

Designer therapy of pancreatic tumors

Problem:Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-relateddeath in men and women with an overall 5% 5 year survival,underscoring the need for novel multimodality treatmentapproaches. Although pancreatic cancer is often treatable whencaught in the early stages, the vast majority of cases arediagnosed in the late stages. There are no reliable screeningmethodologies for early diagnosis […]

Biometric and wirely controlled liquid dispensing platform for regulated distribution of liquid solutions and drugs

Delivers drug in liquid form Electro-magnetic locking system Biometric authentication This technology provides a biometric liquid medication dispenser to avoid prescription medicine misuse. Technology Description: This technology regulates and controls the availability of highly abused liquid drugs and enables the tracking of drugs and their consumption. It can also be remotely triggered to dispense a […]

A universal method for synthesizing ultra-long range ordered 2D metal-organic frameworks

2D MOFs are a new class of crystalline inorganic-organic hybrid materials with ultrathin thickness and large-surface area, attract widespread attention due to their diversified composition and tailorable structure. Nevertheless, synthesizing large-area single crystalline 2D MOFs is a bottleneck for lots of cutting-edge applications. The methods reported so far, such as the top-down exfoliation from their […]

8251 – Adiabatic Four Wave Mixing for Silicon Photonics and Fiber Lasers

We find near-100% photon conversion efficiency can be achieved by a simple longitudinal tuning of waveguide dispersion, generating broad bandwidths into both near-IR and mid-IR wavelength ranges. Technology Overview Under adiabadic four wave mixing (AFWM) conditions, one-to-one transfer of photons between frequencies becomes possible. Experimentally, these conditions can be met if the intensities of the […]