Covidseeker. Digital Contact Tracing And Hotspotting In Real-Time

Covidseeker software enables the retrospective collection of data and has the capability to track specifically when a COVID-19 positive individual was infectious. Aggregation of this data can identify where such individuals visited, whether individuals are at increased risk of viral transmission, and aid in contact tracing. Covidseeker also provides a mobility score to the user […]

C2020-60 – Respiratory Compensated Robot for Liver Cancer Treatment

Explanation of Claimed Invention A respiratory compensated robot for liver cancer treatment provides an effective and efficient platform for the deployment of radiofrequency ablation needles. The patient mounted robot consists of a 4-DoF dual-stage cartesian platform used to control the pose of a 1-DoF active needle insertion module. The robot is biologically inspired as its […]

C2020-44 – High performance long-lifetime charge-separation photodetectors

Explanation of Claimed Invention Here we have a new set of semiconductor materials and structures, which enable the design of k-space charge-separation photodetectors with much improved photogenerated-carrier lifetime and device performance. Problem Addressed by Claimed Invention Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IR photodetectors, Traditionally, are designed based on the available materials (such as HgCdTe, Si, InGaAs, PbSe, […]

C2020-06 – A Cu2S-based Superior Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries

This invention creatively develops a facile technical route via ball milling to accomplish superior Cu2S anodes for sodium-ion batteries. Problem Addressed: There has been an ever-increasing demand on renewable clean energies (e.g., solar energy and wind energy) given the facts that fossil fuels (i.e., petroleum, coal, and natural gas) are quickly depleting and causing severe […]

C2019-23 – The Great Cellular Reef(TM)

Technology # 19-23 A Fun and Novel approach to teaching mitochondrial function and its relationship to different organelles within a cell The game is fun for all levels of players and allows them to learn fun and useful facts related to cell anatomy and physiology with a mix of historical and trivia based learning as […]

C2019-20 – Gold(I) and platinum(II) with isocyanide ligand complexes: Synthesis and biological activity

Technology # 19-20 In our first project, new Pt(II) complexes were synthesized by the reaction of the precursor complexes cis, cis-[Me2Pt(Œº-SMe2)2PtMe2], and cis-[(p-tolyl)2Pt(SMe2)2], with four and two equivalents of different types of isocyanide ligands (CNR; R = a; t-butyl, b; benzyl, and c; cyclohexyl isocyanide), respectively. All complexes were characterized by FTIR and NMR spectroscopies, […]

C2019-15 – Additively manufactured, non-conducting, convective heat removal device

Technology # 19-15 A novel technology for non-conducting convective heat removal. With regards to cooling down high-powered electronics, there is a constant battle between power and weight. Ideally, we strive to achieve a powerful system while maintaining a low profile; however, in reality this extra power creates a need for more efficient cooling systems. Generally, […]