URI # 2021-006: Method and Apparatus for Runtime Detection of Bus Probing/Tampering in Computer Systems

This invention can be used to protect various serial and parallel buses, both on-chip and off-chip, including but not limited to a Dynamic Random-Access Memory (DRAM) bus, Ethernet bus, Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) bus, interposer/bus in chiplets, and any communication interconnect in computer systems such as a desktop computers, servers, embedded computers, and other […]

NeuroCap System for Rodents – IP 1640

FIU scientists have created a surgical mounting device for the precise implantation of chronic, or permanent, implants into the rodent brain. The device is shaped to align to reliable landmarks on the skull in order to operate in 3D coordinates and allow rapid surgical implantation of drug delivery tubes and electrodes for brain stimulation and […]

High Throughput Measurement of DNA Base Lesion Repair Capacity – IP 1558

FIU inventors developed a novel fluorescence-based technology for measuring base excision repair capacity in whole cell lysates. Currently, base excision repair is measured through monitoring decreases of DNA damage, which lacks accuracy. Additionally, current plasmid transfection-based assays are hinged by the limited amount of plasmids containing various types of DNA lesions and the inefficiency of […]

High Throughput Comet Assay – IP 1501

FIU inventors have proposed an improvement to the laborious and time-consuming process of the Comet assay. By incorporating automation the slide-filled racks no longer need to be moved from one staining dish to another; the racks remain in one staining container to which buffers and reagents are added and then drained after the required step […]

Comet Assay Slide Chilling Plate – IP 1543

FIU inventors have custom designed and manufactured chilling plates that can accommodate 26 Comet Assay slides and expedite the Comet Assay process by allowing rapid solidification of the low melting point agarose on the slides. Once the agarose gels solidify, the Chilling Plate facilitates easy retrieval of the slides without any of them sticking to […]

Automated Tip Conditioning ML-Based Software For Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy

Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) techniques and associated spectroscopic (STS) methods, such as dI/dV point spectroscopy, have been widely used to measure electronic structures and local density of states of molecules and materials with unprecedented spatial and energy resolutions. However, the quality of dI/dV spectra highly depends on the shape of the probe tips, and atomically […]

4308 – Freeform Carbon Nanotube Structures

Method for batch fabrication of freeform nano- and microstructures UM File # 4308 Background The next generation of nano- and microsystems require increasingly small and complex structures made of versatile materials. Growth of the commercial MEMS industry has fostered many manufacturing innovations towards extreme miniaturization, including immersion, deep UV, and nanoimprint lithography; and versatile patterning […]

2020-028 – Simultaneous Stochastic Optimization of Mining Complexes for Strategic Planning

Generates a production schedule for multiple mines and processing variables to maximize the economic value of the enterprise as a whole Based on recent developments in optimization approaches, this is a new simultaneous stochastic optimization model for mining complexes Unlike other models, accounts for geological uncertainty in the raw materials extracted from the mines This […]

2018-075 – Aerospace Prepreg Recycling Methodology

A method of reclaiming substantially more of the materials lost as scrap with applications in aerospace and composite material industries. Repurposes more of the waste produced by aircraft material production Lowers waste, its storage and transportation by capturing both the carbon fiber and matrix material A novel method of recycling uncured aerospace composite manufacturing waste. […]