Wearable Device for Assessing the State of Healing of Long Bones 2017-045

Radiation-free quantitative assessment of the state of healing of a fractured long bone.A wearable device to assessthe healing progress of internally fixated long bones (screws and plates) by vibrational analysis, avoiding the need for X-ray or CT scans. The challenges associated with soft tissue are overcome by specific placement of multiple sensors and the mechanics […]

Targeting TGF-ß proteins to increase muscle mass 2017-029

Therapeutic protein (engineered) that can be produced free of contaminating activin and have increased affinity for target receptors, betaglycan and ActRII. Downloads Non Confidential Summary Chacko Joseph chacko.joseph@monash.edu +61399059910

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with RNAi

Researchers at the University of Central Florida are developing RNA interference (RNAi)-based therapies for increasing the sensitivity of cancer stem cells to chemotherapy. Cancer stem cells are a specialized subset of tumor cells that are often resistant to cancer therapy. This technology targets the expression of the embryonic stem cell genes NANOG or OCT4 which […]

Recombinant SARS Proteins and Antibodies Against Them

These monoclonal antibodies recognize the spike protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus (CoV). Some of these antibodies exhibit neutralizing activity against SARS CoV infection in cell culture. These antibodies are described in; Zhou T, Wang H, Luo D, Rowe T, Wang Z, Hogan RJ, Qiu S, Bunzel RJ, Huang G, Mishra V, Voss […]

Nanoparticle that yields analyte-sensitive ultrasound signal 2017-024

Ultrasound-based imaging of tissue site following injection of our new contrast agent which reports pH-specific ultrasound intensity in a real-time, continuous manner.A contrast agent that produces pH-specific ultrasound images that can be detected by standard clinical ultrasound systems. This will allow for real-time monitoring of critical metabolites in live tissue for a range of clinical […]

Monoclonal Antibody 12A12.D7 to TGFb

Monoclonal antibody 12A12.D7 recognizes transforming growth factor beta (TGFB). This is an IgG2a murine monoclonal antibody with specificity for the TGFB1 isoform. This antibody is able to can be used for neutralization, immunoprecipitation, Western blotting, immunostaining, affinity purification and enzyme-linked immunoassays. This antibody also neutralizes a high molecular weight form of TGFB produced by some […]

MicroRNA-204 as a Target to Control Insulin Production

Beta-cell dysfunction and impaired insulin production are hallmarks of diabetes, but despite the growing diabetes epidemic, the molecular mechanisms underlying this disease have remained unclear. Investigators at UAB have identified thioredoxin-interacting protein (TXNIP), a cellular redox regulator, as a crucial factor in beta-cell biology and shown that beta-cell TXNIP is upregulated in diabetes. TXNIP and […]

Flexible and oil and water resistant membranes and surfaces

This technology is the fabrication of omniphobic surfaces using a sequential initiated chemical vapor deposition process. Technology Description This technology is a novel method for the fabrication of omniphobic surfaces. A sequential initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) process, shown in Figure 1, was developed that involved three steps: (i) adjustment of pore size and porosity […]

Distortion Correction for Posterior Segment OCT

Glaucoma is a chronic, degenerative, permanent eye disease, which increases with age and ultimately causes blindness if untreated. The number of people with glaucoma worldwide is expected to rise from 64 million to 111 million in 2040. Africa and Asia are expected to be affected more heavily than the rest of the world. To both […]