The University of Sheffield Background Short bowel syndrome (SBS) is a rare condition where the small intestine is so short in length, patients cannot absorb water and nutrients through normal eating and drinking. Patients are fed directly into their veins which can cause long-term and life-threatening illnesses. SBS can be acquired in later life due […]

Combining Autologous or Allogeneic Total Monocytes or CD16+ Monocytes to Protect and Increase the Expansion and Function of Stem Cells

University of California, Los Angeles Background The World Health Organization has recognised that transplantation of human cells saves and restores essential life functions to patients who are not presented with other therapies for their disease. Transplantation of human cells can, in certain instances, reverse or slow disease progression for patients affected by incurable disorders. Specifically, […]

Ultra-small and Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Live-cell Optical Super-resolution Microscopy

Cornell University Background Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) is an optical super-resolution microscopy (SRM) technique useful in understanding nanoscale interactions in biological systems However, STORM traditionally requires toxic imaging buffers and setups not appropriate for live-cell studies Unmet need: a non-toxic system enabling STORM for live-cell studies Technology Overview Cornell researchers have developed ultrasmall (< […]

Papyrus: AI-supported Visual Analytics Software

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Background Textual content is growing exponentially in every domain. This results in increasing requirements in time and resources to fully read the texts and extract useful information to make decisions. Papyrus, an AI-supported visual analytics software that helps explore unstructured text data, was designed to: produce an overview of […]

Fintex – News Analytics Platform

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Background Fintex is a news analytics platform to aid professionals in decision making by drastically increasing the volume of information analyzed by the user in a limited amount of time.  Increased information consumed results in better-informed professionals which equates to better decision making. Fintex provides a fully customizable suite […]

Encoding and Decoding Scheme for Concurrent Wireless Transmissions

University of Victoria Background The idea of Internet-of-Things (IoT) holds the promise of billions of smart devices being connected to the Internet and exchanging information for various applications such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart power grids, energy management, security and access control, healthcare and entertainment systems. As the number of IoT devices increases, the […]

Novel RNA Preparation Method for DNA/RNA Virus Detection

National Cancer Institute Background DNA or RNA-based diagnostic tests for infectious diseases are critical in modern medicine. The current gold standard for COVID-19 detection is testing SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA by quantitative reverse transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR). This method involves patient sample collection with a nasopharyngeal swab, storage of the swab in a universal transport […]

Biodegradable and Multifunctional Neural Block Devices

Penn State University Background Effective methods of peri- and post-operative pain management are critical to ensuring patient recovery and satisfaction. In contrast to systemic and epidural anesthetic procedures, peripheral nerve block offers specific, localized effects, leading to benefits including reduced consumption of opioids, shortened hospitalization duration, lower drug concentration requirements, and increased physical therapy compliance. […]

Platform for Cell-free Expression of Membrane Proteins

Cornell University Background Membrane proteins are important biological species that dictate a wide range of cellular processes, making them a high value research and pharmaceutical target, however, they are a notoriously difficult class of proteins to work with. These proteins are natively found in lipid membranes which provide structural support and separation of different components. […]

Histidine Crystals for Targeted Delivery of Hydrophobic Drug Molecules

Cornell University Background Many hydrophobic drug molecules of interest are abandoned during preclinical studies due to poor water solubility. Despite any promising in vitro therapeutic effects, insoluble drug molecules tested in vivo can lead to low bioavailability, toxic accumulation, and the exacerbation of undesired side effects. Thus, strategies to improve hydrophobic drug solubility or target […]