Inkjet Printable Perovskite Solar Panels

Aalto University Background Current solar panels are typically classic silicon based solar panels, solid black or dark blue in color, rectangular shaped, without any artistic patterning i.e. “ugly”. They also need relatively sophisticated production environment and therefore are expensive per m2. Technology Overview This technology is based on active layers PRINTED on glass or similar […]

Compositions of Azelaic Acid Having Adipose Triglyceride Hydrolysis Effect

Korea University Background Need for research on active ingredients capable of treating or preventing obesity or chronic diseases: For treating obesity, several drugs which suppressing appetite, have problems of severe side effects, including development of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is needed for research on active ingredients capable of treating or preventing obesity or chronic diseases […]

Colored Radiative Cooling

Korea University Background Daytime radiative cooling material is normally reflected the incident light from the sun in the way of specular reflection, or scattered/diffused reflection on the surface in order to have less heat generation by absorption of the energy coming from the sun during the daytime. For the specular reflection, a radiative cooling material […]

Glucosyl-attached Ospemifene

Korea University Background The existing ospemifene requires a high recommended daily dose: The existing ospemifene is a hydrophobic compound that provides excellent tolerability, but there are problems with low solubility and remarkably low bioavailability. Due to this, the recommended daily dose of ospemifene is provided with 60mg or more. Technology Overview Providing new compounds or […]

Smart Glasses Systems for Supplying Surgery Assist Image

Korea University Background It is necessary to improve inconvenience and inaccuracy when an operating surgeon monitors the existing images of the affected area. To display images of surgical areas on monitors installed in the existing operating rooms is inconvenient since an operating surgeon should alternately keep an eye on the monitor and the patient’s surgical […]

3D Scattered Radiation Imaging Apparatus & Radiological Medical System

Korea University Background The present invention relates to a use of 3D-measure the irradiation position and the dose distribution of the radiation in real time in the three-dimensional scattering radiation imaging apparatus. It is possible to be used for 3D radiographic imaging device and radiation medical equipment. Conventionally, the irradiation position and dose distribution of […]

Dual Beam Optical Coherence Imaging System

Korea University Background Conventional optical coherence imaging systems need to resolve the effects of eye movements Angiography is very sensitive to eye movement because it uses the degree of a stigmatism between retinal images in the same area. The conventional technique has a disadvantage in that the time difference between each scanning and the difference […]

Device and Method for Measuring Antimicrobial Activity of Gas

Korea University Background Since research on antimicrobials in gas phase has been insufficient, a standardized method to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of gas has not been developed yet. As a desperate measure, researchers have measured a minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and a minimal lethal concentration (MLC) of gas by modifying methods of measuring antimicrobial activities […]

Peptide Surface-modified Nanoparticle for Controlling Freezing

Korea University Background There is a need to prevent the formation of ice crystals in the biopsied specimen storage industry that low-temperature environments are required. Freeze preservatives (antifreeze, DMSO, etc.) are generally used to prevent the formation of ice crystals for preventing damage to a biopsied specimen, but it is difficult to apply to since […]