Chip-scale Photonic Processing Neuroprosthetic Detector

A novel technology for optimizing visual prosthetics for individuals with foveal blindness.  Background: The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness expects 196 million people to suffer from macular degeneration worldwide in 2020. Millions more will suffer from traumatic ocular injury or glaucoma or other foveal defects. The result will be foveal blindness in 3-5% […]

Electrodeposited Layered Double Hydroxide

Princeton University Background Capturing carbon dioxide typically requires highly corrosive solvents, and most methods demand large energy expenditures to isolate and store the carbon; in power plants, for example, carbon capture requires 20-30% of the plants’ total energy output. The state-of-the-art carbon capture technology that is predominantly used by industry is amine scrubbing. This process […]

Social Cork

Mississippi State University Background The Wine market generates $300 billion globally, and $80 billion in the U.S, which has a steady growth rate of 7%. There is a clear gap of missing information for consumers who seek information about wine, and also producers who seek market data, and there is no current solution on the […]

Cutting-edge AI Innovation for On-Device Real-time Human Tracking and Pose Estimation

Northeastern University Background Over the past several years, there has been a large shift towards telemedicine, digital health and in-home fitness. The pandemic has only helped to accelerate this change in our approach away from in-person healthcare and exercise. Artificial intelligence plays a critical role in enabling technologies in these fields. One such technology is […]

Novel Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Respiratory Viruses

Northeastern University Background Respiratory diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Several pandemics of infectious respiratory diseases have claimed the lives of millions of people. Timely diagnosis significantly reduces hospitalization, morbidity, and mortality as observed in the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, current diagnostic procedures are often time-consuming, expensive, labor-intensive, and invasive. Moreover, […]

Biomimetic Underwater Robots for Applications Ranging from Explosives Detection to Robotic Mariculture Systems

Northeastern University Background We often look to nature to solve many of our problems. Brilliant animal-inspired designs can be effective and sustainable solutions to intractable problems in diverse fields, from military services to medical applications. The neurosensory and muscular systems of animals inspire us as we design sensors and actuators. Studying animals’ behaviors and their […]

Highly Efficient Non-noble Metal Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts

Brookhaven National Laboratory Background Among various hydrogen (H2) production methods, high purity of hydrogen can be obtained by the eco-friendly water electrolysis. Electrocatalytic systems for H2 generation by water electrolysis typically incorporate expensive noble metals such as platinum in the catalysts because of their low overpotential and fast kinetics for driving the hydrogen evolution reaction […]

Hybrid Power System: High Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Internal Combustion Engine

Colorado State University Background Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are a scalable and efficient form of energy production, which minimize greenhouse gas emissions. SOFCs use a solid oxide electrolyte to oxidize gases by electrochemically conducting oxygen ions from a cathode to an anode. Generally, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or a hydrocarbon molecule are oxidized on the […]

Flame-Sterilization Modification for Potato Seed Cutting Equipment

Colorado State University Background Potatoes are reproduced by vegetative propagation. True seed is not planted to produce a potato plant, rather growers use cuttings of prior season’s tubers to produce clones of desired potato plant varieties.  Presently, potato seed cutting machinery cuts tubers using side-by-side metal, rotating discs. The potatoes are forced against these blades […]

Integrated Fermentation System for the Separation of Sophorolipids, Glycolipids, Lipids and Other Insoluble Fermentation Products

University of Manchester Innovation Factory Background The production of high value biochemicals, in particular glycolipids, are often carried out by fed batch fermentation. Glycolipids have many useful properties and applications including as cleaning products, cosmetics, and in environmental bioremediation, and have recently been commercialised in a number of applications. Current fermentation methods to obtain glycolipids […]