A Pack of a Routing, Fault Tolerance and Sizing Method for Dynamic WDM Optical Networks

Hub APTA Background Network operators are challenged to solve routing and wavelength issues while minimizing network cost and ensuring network performance reaches the stated level, minimizing the probability of failures or creating alternatives in case of failures to maintain the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Currently, static optical networks are inefficient, resources are permanently assigned to […]

Wireless Device and Topologies for Energy Harvesting Based on Maxwell Displacement Current

Hub APTA Background Current energy efficiency and demand have an important role to play now that global energy prices are high and volatile, hurting homes, industries, and entire economies. Energy efficiency becomes the protagonist to reduce energy costs and dependence on imported fuels, generating important environmental, economic, and social benefits. When seeking to achieve levels […]

Copper-catalyzed Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Biomass Pretreatment Processes

Michigan State University Background The process of producing biofuels and specialty chemicals from plant material (biomass) in an effective and efficient manner is highly desirable, with the potential to replace petroleum sources for many applications. However, producing chemicals from biomass is a complex problem due to the stability of plants’ secondary wall structure and the […]

Electron Microscopy: Ready to Use AI for Focus and Astigmatism Adjustment

Max Planck Society Background With increasing resolution and sample sizes the auto focusing method is significant for the result of automated electron microscopy. State of the art methods rely on the estimation of wavefront aberrations caused by variations of the relevant settings, hence being microscope specific and involving detailed theory. The lack of applicability to […]

RNA Detection Assay (Exemplified with an Assay for SARS-CoV-2)

University of St. Andrews Background A new assay for detection of any desired RNA molecule has been developed that utilizes the type III CRIPSR defence system. The assay system comprises Cas10, a molecule capable of binding a target nucleic acid, a nuclease, a reporter system and optionally ATP. A novel assay to detect Covid 19 […]

Ketamine as a Treatment for Rett Syndrome

Case Western Reserve University Background Rett Syndrome (RTT) is one of a number of pervasive developmental disorders characterized by delays in the development of multiple basic functions including socialization and communication. Patients with RTT, after a period of apparently normal early postnatal development, develop a spectrum of symptoms that generally includes loss of acquired speech, […]

NextGen Packaging from Agri-Waste

North by Northwest Partners Background The packaging industry is rapidly changing, as government legislation and increasing pressure from consumers continues to drive a shift to more sustainable manufacturing processes and packaging. Conventional fossil-based plastics create substantial waste disposal problems due to their lack of biodegradability. The environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of plastics in […]

Microcarrier System

University of East Anglia Background Microcarriers (beads) are a type of cell-supporting matrix that allow the growth of adherent cells in bioreactors. The market for microcarriers has risen sharply in the past few years due to the rising demand for cell-based therapeutics, with an estimated CAGR of over 6% in the next five years. One […]

Internal Combustion Engine with No Harmful Gas (NOx) or CO2 Emissions

Universitat Politècnica de València Background One of the sectors with the highest amount of polluting gas emissions is the transport sector, representing 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and 10% worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the strategic areas in terms of environmental policies that focus, among other aspects, on the creation of vehicles […]


Lund University Background The standard and most widely used method for liquid characterization is absorption spectrophotometry. However, for turbid liquids such as dirty water, blood or unfiltered beer, unwanted so-called multiple scattering effects occur, preventing any measurement or introducing large measurement errors. In fact, commercially available spectrophotometers are not capable of measuring within turbid liquids. […]