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SHARCS – Self-protecting Hybrid Architectures

University of Luxembourg Background Electronic devices in areas with high radiation levels can be susceptible to experiencing single- and multiple-bit upsets. In such cases, the circuit may continue to function as normal after this point. If no action is taken, these errors can gradually accumulate, making the circuit unusable, or even rendering it harmful. Traditionally, […]

Reducing the Collateral Damage of Antibiotics on Gut Microbes

EMBLEM Technology Transfer GMBH Background Antibiotics are widely used for fighting pathogens, but they also target bacteria from our gut microbiome as a side effect. The human gut microbiome plays an important role for our health and its dysbiosis can ultimately lead to disease. So, even though prescribed to fight sickness, taking antibiotics could lead […]

TransCap – Transposase-Mediated Capture of Natural Product DNA

EMBLEM Technology Transfer GMBH Background Natural products have been of great benefit for human health, agriculture and many other sectors. For example, more than 70% of antibacterial of anticancer drugs are natural products or analogs. The field of natural products has experienced significant interest and growth since the rise of metagenomics. However, the discovery of […]

KiPIK: A New Method for Kinase Identification in Cells and Tissues

Newcastle University Background There are approximately 540 kinases in the human “kinome” and over 200,000 observed phosphorylation sites that operate in pathways to enable cell signalling. A major obstacle in our understanding of cellular signalling, and in developing targeted therapeutics, is the current technical difficulty in identifying the kinase directly responsible for a phosphorylation event. […]

TraitSeq: An AI-based Technology Platform for Accelerated Trait Development in Agriculture

North by Northwest Partners Background Crop and livestock breeding, agrochemical, and gene-editing companies are developing complex traits such as nitrogen use efficiency, disease resistance and other yield-related traits. However, these traits are expensive and difficult to measure in the field, often requiring significant domain expertise and field trials. Validating whether their products have improved the […]

Extracellular Vesicle Library for Drug Screening

Michigan State University Background The body’s natural transporter, Extracellular vesicles (EVs), have gained recent attention for their potential as targeted drug delivery vehicles with low immunogenic response. Properly designing the surface allows EVs to deliver therapeutic payloads (protein, RNA, nanoparticle, small molecule, etc.) to a target organ. However, the critical challenges are a lack of […]

OptoElex: Novel Light-weight Pentacyclic Amide Compounds for Optoelectronic Applications

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Background The development of novel and more efficient (opto)electronic devices has become the center of much focus in both chemistry and materials science, due to the profound effect they have on our lives. In this context, there has been an increased focus on novel organic and flexible electronics. In general, organic […]

A Next-generation AI-based Prognostic Test for Response to Anti-TNF Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis

North by Northwest Partners Background Non-responding rheumatoid arthritis patients to conventional DMARDs drugs are invariably put on costly biologics (anti-TNF) treatments leading to about one-third patients not responding. These non-responding patients live at high disease activity for at least 6 months, when they are labeled as non-responders and given different targeted treatments. Further, in contrast […]