3-D Magnetic Memory Device – IP 0403

Florida International University (FIU) is seeking companies interested in commercializing a high capacity 3-D Magnetic Memory Device by which data can be manipulated and stored utilizing the entire 3D recording medium. It offers device implementations which are in the 100 terabyte per square inch data density range; a density drastically exceeding theoretical capabilities of 2D memory technologies such as magnetic hard-drives, CDs, DVDs, and flash memory technology. This patented technology provides for faster data transmission rates by integrating the non-volatility of magnetic media with parallel data recording and retrieval. The three dimensional nature of this recording technology allows for a much higher super-paramagnetic limit than that of 2D magnetic recording systems. Furthermore, due to the fact that each cell in a 3D magnetic recording arrangement does not have to be in the nano-scale range, sophisticated and expensive nanofabrication tools are not necessary for fabrication. A possible materialization of this 3D memory technology is a magnetic memory device the size of a dime which, unlike hard drives, has no moving parts and is capable of storing many gigabytes of electromagnetic radiation insensitive data. A parallel write/read mechanism would make the memory device as fast as a semiconducting Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) device, but unlike the SRAM device, this memory device is non-volatile. Similar to the popular flash memory, this device would be capable of being connected to a PC port or USB port while retaining a higher data capacity than current flash memory technology. Shantanu Balkundi sbalkund@fiu.edu 305-348-8061

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