8168 – Inorganic Nanocages: Versatile New Tools for Drug Delivery and Bio-imaging

This invention provides novel nanocage structuresproduced from a variety of inorganic precursor materials as well as the methodsfor their synthesis. These inorganic nanocages can be used for a wide field ofapplications such as diagnostics and therapeutic delivery. Whilehighly symmetrical nanocage structures have been developed very recently frombiological materials such as DNA, the production and isolation of thesestructures made from inorganic materials has remained to be seen. Describedhere, the Wiesner group at Cornell University has developed methods for makingmany types of inorganic nanocages from a wide variety of precursor compounds. Basedon the diversity of precursor compounds used, including (a) gold, (b) silver,and (c) transition metal oxides, each with their own unique chemistry, these inorganicnanocages offer many options for the addition of functional groups not limitedto drugs, biomarker or radioactive labels, and nucleic acids. Aris Despo add74@cornell.edu 607-254-4698

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