A Biotechnology Platform for Earlier and More Specific Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Lund University Background
For pancreatic cancer, there is a pronounced unmet need concerning ways of early diagnosis and prediction of outcome. Primarily, this is serum-based but the use of biomarkers in cancer tissue will provide the first opportunity to stratification of management and prediction of outcome. These tools do not exist at present.
Technology Overview
The technology platform is based on a patented combination of unique protein biomarkers detected in blood and cancer tissue samples. The primary focus is pancreatic cancer, currently the third leading cause of cancer-related death but soon it will be the second. The lack of improved outcome is due to late diagnosis, especially as pancreatic cancer is associated with vague symptoms until late stage of disease, as well as a lack of targeted and effective therapies.

The serum biomarker is novel, has an accuracy (AUC 0.98) never seen before and also provides some predictive information.
The cancer tissue biomarker panel will provide both prediction of outcome in subgroups of patients as well as choice of therapy and outcome of chemotherapy. These tools are not available at all as of today.


Serum for diagnosis
Tissue for verification

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