A Designer Probiotic-Based Intervention to Prevent Infection (UA15-131)

University of Arizona inventors have developed a Lactobacillus system that serves as a vaccine platform withthe potential to develop COVID-19 therapeutics. This technology is the administration of probiotic bacterial strains with increased expression of a Clostridium difficile attachment protein. These strains, when administered in animal models challenged with high doses of a virulent C. difficile strain prevented death.Background:Clostridium difficile is the leading cause of healthcare-associated diarrheas worldwide. C. difficile has been associated with increased mortality and relapsing diseases in the past fifteen years. There is currently no treatment for C. difficile outside of antibiotics.Learn more at https://bit.ly/UA15-131 Anne Spieth annes@tla.arizona.edu 520-626-1577

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